Company Profile

GB Corp has established itself as a wholly integrated, one-stop shop automotive provider. The company’s business activities include assembly, manufacturing, sales and distribution, financing and after-sales services distributed across the following seven primary lines of business: Passenger Cars, Three-Wheelers, After-Sales, Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles, Tires and Construction Equipment.

GB Auto handles a broad range of customer requirements with diverse expectations and needs. Its portfolio comprises global brands, including Hyundai, Mazda, Chery, Changan, Haval, Karry, Bajaj, Marcopolo, Iveco, Volvo Truck and Volvo Bus, Volvo Construction Equipment, Mitsubishi Fuso, SDLG, Higer, Shacman, Lassa, Yokohama, Westlake, DoubleCoin, Goodyear, Thunderer, MRF, Verde, Techking, Sunfull, and MG.

With a history of over six decades in the industry, GB Auto has built a solid reputation for standing behind its customers and is renowned for providing unmatched after-sales services in Egypt, having long positioned Hyundai cars as the best value for money in the Egyptian market and having done the same with Mazda and Chery, Changan and Haval which are performing very well in our local market and is confident that it can grow these brands across Egypt. GB Auto’s commitment to total care for customers is evident in its nationwide network of owned retail showrooms, that include 3-S (sales, service and spare parts center), 2-S (sales and spare parts center), and 1-S (spare parts center), after-sales service center, as well as a network of authorized dealers and authorized service centers across Egypt. With new vehicle sales, the company’s service and parts outlets make GB Auto a fully integrated “one-stop-shop” automotive provider that delivers on promises of lower ownership costs and real value to customers.

GB Corp strives for solutions that add to its core offerings and expand the current service suite available to its customers.GB Capital was established with a mission to create a well-diversified and collaborative set of financial services that support GB Corp’s strategy while providing customers with exemplary solutions. Today, GB Capital oversees the operations of FRA regulated non-bank financial service providers offering microfinancing, nano-financing, SME lending, factoring, mortgage finance, leasing, venture capital, securitization ,consumer lending services, and life insurance.

Lines of Business

    GB Auto is the leading company in the passenger car sector in the Egyptian market, distributing locally assembled (CKD) cars with a production capacity of 80,000 vehicles per year, as well as distributing imported fully built (CBU) cars. Financing solutions are provided to passenger car customers in the Egyptian market through Drive. Learn more.
    GB Auto assembles, manufactures, and distributes its existing product mix which includes buses, trucks, trailers, superstructures, and construction and farming equipment to an extensive customer base. GB Polo, a state-of-the-art facility in partnership with global leader Marcopolo, the company manufactures and assembles bus bodies in Egypt. Learn more.
    GB Auto is the exclusive assembler and distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in the Egyptian market. Bajaj is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest global manufacturer of three-wheelers. GB Auto imports CKD units from the Indian producer and assembles the vehicles at the company’s Badr manufacturing facility located in the 6th of October City Industrial Zone. Learn more.
    GB Auto continues to be among Egypt’s leading tire distributors, with a track record exceeding 50 years. Several highly valuable brands in car, van, construction equipment, light-truck, truck and bus tires are distributed by GB Auto, including Turkey’s Lassa, Japan’s Yokohama, Thailand’s Westlake, Turkey's Verde, Thunderer, China's Techking, DoubleCoin, SunFull, MRF and Goodyear. Learn more.
    GB Auto operates the largest cross-country network of after-sales services that is constantly expanding in size and capacity, including the distribution of spare parts for passenger cars, motorcycles and three-wheelers, and commercial vehicles. Learn more.
    GB Auto distributes imported CBU passenger car units in Iraq (MG) and is the exclusive assembler and distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in the Egyptian market. Bajaj is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest global manufacturer of three-wheelers, also referred to as tuk-tuks. Learn more.
    GB Capital is the financial arm of GB Corp, offering financial solutions to several segments of the market: GB Lease provides business-to-business financial leasing solutions, Drive offers consumer financing of passenger cars and factoring of auto and non-auto products, Drive’s consumer finance app “Forsa” provides financial services and offers installment payment services on the longest payment period, Haram Tourism Transport (HTT) provides operational leasing, MNT-Halan services includes business and consumer lending: Buy now pay later, Nano Loans, Microfinancing, SME lending, Digital payments: loan disbursement and collection, Peer- to- Peer transfers, Payroll disbursement, Bill payments, and saving, Kaf offers life insurance and Bedaya a mortgage finance venture offering long-term mortgages for new homes. Kredit is a SME lending company which provides financing services to Egyptian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Learn more.
    In accordance with GB Auto's strategy to expand its service and product offerings within the automotive industry, the company has invested in various startups that display promising future potential to complement the GB Auto portfolio, including: Fabrika, El Mikaneeky, GB Ventures, GB Logistics and Transport Vehicles Distribution (TVD). Learn more.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: The world is constantly moving, transforming, and evolving. Change is inevitable and accelerating. At GB Corp, we aspire to make mobility in all its forms accessible for everyone.

Mission: GB Corp provides integrated mobility solutions. Whether you are moving from point A to B, planning for a better opportunity, or aspiring for a better quality of life, we make the next step easier. With GB Corp, you will always be moving forward.

Core Values:

We Are Ambitious Achievers - We are a result-driven organization, we set ambitious and challenging targets, and we aspire to consistently achieve them in the best interest of the communities we serve.

We Act with Dignity and Respect - We believe that the cornerstone of our culture is to act and treat everyone with fairness and respect.

We Are Resilient - We embrace everyday challenges with open hearts and minds, and we view them as opportunities for improvement.

We Don't Compromise Quality - We are driven by excellence; we constantly search for innovative solutions to ensure that the quality we offer is always up to the required standard.

We Operate as One Team - Our people are the backbone of our success. We work within a culture of mutual trust and integrity, common objectives and accountability.