Board Committees

Audit Committee:
The Board has established an Audit Committee comprising three experienced non-executive members, two of whom are independent, in compliance with EGX listing regulations. The Audit Committee assures impartial reporting on the performance of the company with a focus on risk management and financial operations.

Its responsibilities include ensuring the following:

  • The quality and integrity of GB Corp’s financial statements
  • GB Corp’s full compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements set forth by the EGX and the Egyptian Capital Markets Authority
  • The appointment of qualified, independent external auditors
  • The effective performance of the internal audit function, by regularly reviewing its guidelines, procedures and results to guard against corruption and improve efficiency across the company.

  • Name Of Members:
    Ms. Lobna El Dessouky (President)
    Mr. Mohamed Naguib (Member)

    Mr. Mounir Abdel Nour (Member)  

    Corporate Governance Committee:
    The Corporate Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors by ensuring the following:

  • Communication between the Board and executive management prioritizes the interest of shareholders and plays an effective role in serving the functionality of the company
  • The company maintains and updates an overarching corporate governance framework by regularly assessing the guidelines in place and making recommendations for needed advancements
  • Company related strategic decisions and opportunities are evaluated and acted upon as needed
  • Management is held accountable to the Board by means of structures set in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices
  • Recommendations are made to the Board on new candidates, for election or appointment
  • Risks are identified and mitigated in line with GB Corp’s relevant policies and procedures
  • Name Of Members:

    Ms. Lobna El Dessouky (President)
    Mr. Mohamed Naguib (Member)
    Mr. Mounir Abdel Nour (Member)  

    Remuneration Committee: 
    The Board of Directors relies on the Remuneration Committee to achieve the following:   Outline the company’s remuneration policy Advise on all matters pertaining to the company’s pay and benefits frameworks Advise on methods to further integrate transparency into the company’s remuneration process, which includes the compensation structure for the chairman, executive directors and senior management.  

    Name Of Members:

    Mr. Mounir Abdel Nour (President)                                     
    Ms. Lobna El Dessouky (Member)                                     
    Mr. Mohamed Naguib (Member)