Corporate Information

Commercial Registeration Number 3422
Fiscal Year 1 Jan : 31 Dec
Year Founded 1999
Law of Governance No. 159 of 1981
Legal Form of Company GB Auto
Auditor Name KPMG Hazem Hassan
Purpose of Company The Group and its subsidiaries main activities include trading, distributing and marketing of all transportation means including heavy trucks, semi-trucks, passenger cars, buses, mini buses, micro buses, agriculture tractors, pick-ups, mechanical tools equipments for sail movement and motors with their different structures and types either locally manufactured and imported (new and used ones) and trading in spare parts and accessories either locally manufactured or imported. The Group also undertakes import and export activities, trading agencies, selling locally manufactured as imported products either for cash, on credit or through finance leasing. The Group also provides Group transportation services and cargo services.

Address Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Km 28 Industrial Zone – Abo Rawaash, Giza, Egypt.
Phone: +202 35391201
Fax: +202 35390139