Corporate Information

Commercial Registeration Number 3422
Fiscal Year 1 Jan : 31 Dec
Year Founded 1999
Law of Governance No. 159 of 1981
Legal Form of Company GB Corp
Auditor Name KPMG Hazem Hassan
Purpose of Company GB Auto: GB Corp has established itself as a wholly integrated, one-stop shop automotive provider. The company’s business activities include assembly, manufacturing, sales and distribution, financing and after-sales services distributed across the following seven primary lines of business. GB Corp handles a broad range of customer requirements with diverse expectations and needs. GB Capital: GB Corp strives for solutions that add to its core offerings and expand the current service suite available to its customers. GB Capital was established with a mission to create a well-diversified and collaborative set of financial services that support GB Corp’s strategy while providing customers with exemplary solutions. Today, GB Capital oversees the operations of FRA regulated non-bank financial service providers offering microfinancing, nano-financing, SME lending, factoring, mortgage finance, leasing, venture capital, securitization and consumer lending services.

Address Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Km 28 Industrial Zone – Abo Rawaash, Giza, Egypt.
Phone: +202 35391201
Fax: +202 35390139