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GB Corp S.A.E.(GBCO.CA on the Egyptian Exchange) is a leading automotive company in the Middle East and non-bank financial services provider in Egypt. Across six primary lines of business — Passenger Cars, Motorcycles & Three-Wheelers, Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipment, Tires, After-Sales, and Iraqi operations — the company’s main business activities include assembly, manufacturing, sales and distribution, financing and after-sales services. GB Corp's portfolio of brands includes Hyundai, Mazda, Chery, MG, Changan,  Haval, Bajaj, Marcopolo, Volvo Truck and Volvo Bus, Volvo Construction Equipment, Mitsubishi Fuso, SDLG, Higer, Shacman, Lassa, Yokohama, Westlake, Double Coin, Goodyear, Thunderer, Verde, Techking, Sun full, and MRF. GB Auto has operations in Egypt and Iraq. The Company’s NBFS’ segment branded GB Capital offers leasing, consumer finance, microfinance, fleet quasi-operational leasing, factoring, securitization, mortgage finance, insurance, and SME lending under the following brands - GB Lease, Drive, MNT-Halan, Haram, Capital Securitization, Bedaya, KAF and Kredit. The company is headquartered in Giza, Greater Cairo Area, Egypt.

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of FY23 Group Sales

Egypt Passenger Cars

  • Assembly and distribution of imported completely-knocked-down (CKD) kits with a production capacity of around 80,000 units per year 
  • Distribution of imported completely-built-up (CBU) vehicles 
  • Financing options provided through Drive
  • Brands: Hyundai, Mazda, Chery, Haval, and Changan

of FY23 Group Sales

Egypt Motorcycles & Three-Wheelers

  • Assembly and distribution of motorcycles & three-wheelers and manufacturing of components at the Badr Facility
  • Financing options provided through Mashroey
  • Brands: Bajaj
of FY23 Group Sales

Egypt Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipment

  • Assembly and distribution of trucks
  • Bus-body manufacturing; distribution of buses
  • Manufacturing and distribution of superstructures and trailers
  • Distribution of earth-moving equipment, road machinery, and power generators
  • Brands: Volvo, Iveco, Mitsubishi Fuso, YTO, Marcopolo, Karry, SDLG, AKSA

of FY23 Group Sales

Egypt Tires

  • Distribution of passenger car, van, truck, construction equipment and bus tires
  • Brands: Yokohama, Lassa, Westlake, Double Coin, Verde, Goodyear, MRF and Doublestar, Techking, Verde

of FY23 Group Sales

Egypt After-Sales

  • After-sales services and distribution of spare parts for passenger cars, motorcycles & three-wheelers, and commercial vehicles & construction equipment
  • The largest cross-country network of its kind
  • Constant and ongoing expansion of network and service center capacities

of FY23 Group Sales


  • Distribution of imported completely-built-up (CBU) passenger car units in Iraq (MG) with after-sales services
  • Distribution of Bajaj motorcycles & three-wheelers in Iraq and after-sales services 
  • Market: Iraq
  • Brands: MG and Bajaj

of FY23 Group Sales

Financing Businesses

  • GB Capital oversees the operations of the group’s six non-bank financial service providers, offering financing in all segments of the market 
  • GB Lease provides business-to-business financial leasing solutions to a wide range of companies, covering all asset classes
  • Drive offers factoring services, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer
  • GB Auto Rental offers car rental services on a quasi-operational lease basis to companies in the market
  • MNT-Halan is Egypt’s largest and fastest growing non-bank lender to the unbanked, digitizing traditional banking and cash-based markets through tech and data driven solutions.
  • Bedaya is mortgage finance venture offering long-term and competitive mortgages for new move-in homes
  • KAF is a life insurance company that was acquired along with EFG Hermes to capitalize on the growing demand for insurance offerings in Egypt
  • Kredit is a SME lending company which provides financing services to Egyptian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It also provides exceptional lending and mentoring services, facilitating SMEs' access to financial support, and fostering their growth.
  • Drive's Consumer Finance app "Forsa" provides financial services and offers installment payment services on the longest payment period 
  • Companies: GB Lease, MNT-Halan,Drive, GB Auto Rental, Bedaya, KAF, Kredit, and Forsa
  • Market: Egypt


of FY23 Group Sales


  • Fabrika is GB Auto's pre-owned vehicle division that offers consumers a wide variety of used cars from all manufacturers, as well as trade-in offers at GB Auto showrooms
  • El Mikaneeky is a trusted professional car servicing company that provides affordable solutions to the entire car market
  • GB Ventures is an entity that combines the automotive and financial know-how of GB Auto with the goal to empower Egyptian startups
  • GB Logistics is an Integrated Service Provider (ISP) that specializes in the delivery of high-quality logistics services to customers in Egypt and worldwide. GB Logistics provides excellent full-service logistic solutions that add value to its appreciated partners
  • Transport Vehicles Distribution (TVD) is an automotive organization specializing in light commercial trucks and buses, and the sole agent for commercial vehicles industry giants JMC and FOTON in Egypt.

  • Companies: Fabrika, TVD, GB Logistics, El Mikaneeky and GB Ventures
  • Market: Egypt